The aim of introducing rules into Auntie Maria School is to facilitate discipline, thereby creating a conducive teaching - learning environment. Moreover, the purpose of education is not merely to make the children literate but also to mould the formers' character to become useful citizens in the society.

At Auntie Maria School, learning and discipline are our watch words. In view of this, the following rules and regulations shall guide behavior, conduct of pupils/students within and outside the school premises.

Therefore, every student or prospective student of this school signs or will sign an undertaking to obey , co-operate in keeping and defending all the rules/ regulations of the school or face the prescribed penalties in default.

1. Punctuality is the soul of business. Students must come punctually and regularly to school. Whosoever comes late will be sent back home for that day.

2. Absenteeism is totally prohibited and therefore unacceptable.

3. Every student is expected to have adequate learning materials like text books, writing materials and other learning aids.

4. No student must leave school before the official closing time or date of vacation and all Students must be back to the school on the day of resumption.

5. No student should be found loitering and wandering during lessons. (The balconies must not be used as meeting points).

6. Students who refuse to do any given assignment and other manual work, will get double punishment.

7. Students who indulge in smoking or drinking alcohol of any kind within the school compound will be expelled. Those caught indulging in the acts outside the school will be suspended, but if caught in the school uniform will be expelled.

8. Fighting in school is strictly prohibited, because this attracts expulsion.

9. Any student found with a dangerous weapon shall be treated as a social security risk.

10. Eating, chewing gum, kola,, in the classroom except during the (lunch break) is prohibited. Students are only allowed to buy and eat food during the long break and this must be confined to the school premises and specifically to the porter’s lodge.

11. Stealing is strictly prohibited as it attracts expulsion.

12. Students who fail after repeating one class in promotional examination will be advised to withdraw from the school.

13. Any student or group of students who incite other students to demonstrate or riot will be expelled after due process of investigation.

14. Students who damage school property will be made to replace or pay for such property to the tune of the amount spent in replacing the damaged property.

15. Students must attempt all school tests and examinations and participate in all school activities.

16. No student, including prefects, must inflict any type of corporal punishment on another student.

17. A student who injures a fellow student resulting in serious medical treatment will bear the cost of the treatment.

18. Any student caught cheating during school examination will be disqualified in such examination.

19. Prescribed school uniform must be worn by students. Students who fail to comply will be sent home.

20. All students must obey the school officers.


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