Our shared vision is of a school that enables each student achieves his potential within a learning environment that is safe, positive, respectful, inclusive, and welcoming. Therefore we expect our students to leave the school with a set of spiritual and moral values like honesty, integrity and good judgment; a compliment of basic skills, mathematics, scientific, artistic, physical, and social; an enquiring and discerning mind and a desire for knowledge; strong self esteem and high personal expectation; tolerance and respect for others.



Auntie Maria School is committed to encouraging the best in its students, staff, and community. We aim to nurture a passion for knowledge, sport, creativity, and vocational skills by creating a respectful working environment for students and staff; providing a personalized and student-centered approach to focusing on continuous improvement; promoting equity and social justice ; developing partnerships with our community, local, national, and global, recognizing and celebrating diversity; maintaining attractive and welcoming grounds and facilities.



We at Auntie Maria School understand that staff behaviors are the cornerstone to advancing our school’s vision and mission statement. Our shared values are respect, honesty, responsibility and achievement. Therefore Auntie Maria School staff collectively and individually commit to the following practices: 1. Provide an inviting classroom environment with clear expectations, specific academic and behavioural goal. 2. Promote positive behaviors and attributes by modeling the qualities of good character (respect, personal integrity) both with colleagues and students. 3. Collaborate with students throughout the learning process to achieve academic success and celebrate accomplishments. 4. Collaborate with colleagues to apply proven, effective classroom learning strategies and management practice to enhance student learning. 5. Dedicated to developing and improving teaching strategies through professional development. 6. Committed to keeping parents informed about their children’s progress and seek opportunities to incite their active support of the school and its students. 7. Demonstrate excellence through character education by providing a variety of opportunities and encouraging participation by all.



At Auntie Maria School, which is a community of pupils, students and teachers from various walks of life, our motto is "BUILDING KNOWLEDGE AND CHARACTER". The philosophy which guides the operation of Auntie Maria School is the desire to provide standard education as well as also provide the right environment for the children to learn desirable virtues like public spiritedness, voluntary service, sense of responsibility and of fair play, loyalty, honesty, respect for opposing opinions and views and self sacrifice for the good of others. Not only do the pupils and students learn, we also invest in our teachers since learning is a continuous process as life is a school and journey. We kit them with the necessary tangible and intangible materials with which to ensure that Auntie Maria school is constantly upgraded and up-to-date. Here, at Auntie Maria School, we know that a school cannot grow beyond its crop of teachers.


Our 2017/2018 1st Term Newsletter can be downloaded for free at the link below. Thank you for your love for Auntie Maria.


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