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10, First Avenue, Garrick Residential Estate, Siluko Road, Benin City

From the Proprietor's Desk

Welcome to our site. I thank you for your interest in Auntie Maria School. We hope to give you information about our history, aims, academic programmes, and a wide range of what we offer. We hope that at the end you may wish to pay us a visit.
The motto of our institution is "Building of Knowledge and Character", and we achieve this by providing a wonderful environment for learning where our integrated and structural programmes offer continuity, stability and progressive development. Auntie Maria School is a great place for pupils and students, irrespective of their ages, to learn. We support them in their learning and 'provide' them with the necessary skills to become successsful, creative and fulfilled leaders of society.
Our staff are qualified and friendly and are always there to provide any support the pupils and students need to reach their set targets. One of our goals is to develop students equipped with the knowledge and skills to function productively anywhere in the world. With our body of experienced and dedicated staff who work as a team to create an effective learning environment, we achieve our goals.
Students graduating from Auntie Maria School would not only have discovered and developed their talents, but will take with them into the future the gift of self confidence and self esteem. Education is a partnership between the school, the parents and the child. So, at Auntie Maria, parents play a very important role.
We believe that when all of us, parents, guardians and staff direct our energies and resources towards a common goal, we can challenge and excite learners to achieve their dreams. That is why in all we do, we strive to make all our children fulfil their potentials and promises. If they do this, the sky is their take - off point.
Please, feel free to visit us. Enjoy your stay on the site.
Thank you.


Mission Statement

Auntie Maria School is committed to encouraging the best in its students, staff, and community. We aim to nurture a passion for knowledge, sport, creativity, and vocational skills by creating a respectful working environment for students and staff; providing a personalized and student-centered approach to focusing on continuous improvement; promoting equity and social justice ; developing partnerships with our community, local, national, and global, recognizing and celebrating diversity; maintaining attractive and welcoming grounds and facilities.

Vision Statement

Our shared vision is of a school that enables each student achieves his potential within a learning environment that is safe, positive, respectful, inclusive, and welcoming. Therefore we expect our students to leave the school with a set of spiritual and moral values like honesty, integrity and good judgment; a compliment of basic skills, mathematics, scientific, artistic, physical, and social; an enquiring and discerning mind and a desire for knowledge; strong self esteem and high personal expectation; tolerance and respect for others.


Our 2017/2018 1st Term Newsletter can be downloaded for free at the link below. Thank you for your love for Auntie Maria.


Admission form

Admission form can be downloaded for free at the link below. All required fields should be filled correctly. Completed forms are to be returned, to Auntie Maria School,with a non-refundable fee of ₦2000.


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