Mrs Gloria Joel - Gunn
Sectional Manager


Welcome to the nursery section of Auntie Maria founded in 1974 by the Late Dame Maria Osunde. Classes include the following:

Toddlers (for ages 2 to 3 years)

Kindergarten 1 (for ages 3 to 4 years)

Kindergarten 2 (for ages 4 to 5 years)

We also render daycare services for children below 2 years.

To children, learning is natural as it occurs at the right moment in a child’s development. It is essentially what the child does and not what is done to the child. Educational naturalists like our highly experienced nursery class mangers believe that learning begins within the child, not with skills or with pre-determined beliefs.

We acknowledge the fact that there are basically two stages of a child as a being and as a learner:

Stage 1: The infant and toddler as an ‘unconscious creator’ and the early child as a ‘conscious worker’.
Stage 2: Reveals the child’s development of intellect and morality; through the curriculum, environment and learning methods.

We take full cognizance of the aspirations of the Nigerian parent ensuring that we cover the government approved Nigerian curriculum as compiled by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) in the National early Childhood Curriculum (for ages 0-5 years).

Our pupils are taught the following subjects: English language, Mathematics, Christian Religious Knowledge, Environmental Studies, Nursery Science, Health Habits, Social Habits, Cultural and Creative Activities, Handwriting, Speech Training, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. Other learning activities include: Music/Singing, Recitation of rhymes, Physical activities, Excursion, and our Audio-Visual learning materials also help our pupils to learn properly.

Special awards for good behavior and neatness are presented to outstanding pupils at the end of every school year.

Existing club activities in our section:

Ballet club: Established in order to arouse the children’s interest in building up their talent in dancing, improve on their flexibility, exercise their bodies/muscles, keep fit, remain healthy and have fun. They learn to appreciate good music. This club welcomes membership from the toddlers, kg1 and kg 2 pupils.

Show and tell club: Established in order to encourage group work and informal interaction amongst the children. Members of this club develop in their speech work, creativity, vocabulary, and reading ability and communication skills. This helps to promote the spirit of determination amongst the children. Members of this club are kg 1 and kg 2 pupils.

Spellers club: This club is for kg 1 and kg 2 pupils; established basically to help the members improve on their spelling abilities.

Readers club: (mainly for kg 2 pupils) Established basically to improve on the reading abilities of the members.

Pop-corn Friday: Every last Friday of the month, during school session, our pupils have fun while learning as we use the play – learn teaching method. They put on mufti to school (not forgetting their pop-corns) and are assembled outside their classrooms where they sit together under the supervision of their class managers and assistant class mangers. Special presentations e.g. rhymes, recitations, songs, poems, drama, et.c., are rendered by pupils from the various nursery classes as they have been taught by their class managers. Various games and quiz competitions are carried out and special tokens are given to the pupils involved in encouraging the other pupils for their efforts and also guiding them to build up their interest in learning.

All in all, Auntie Maria nursery school is an excellent place to give your child the necessary early educational development they need to excel later in life. Pay us a visit anytime.


Our 2017/2018 1st Term Newsletter can be downloaded for free at the link below. Thank you for your love for Auntie Maria.


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